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Due to the situation in the world caused by the Сovid-19 pandemic, there are delays in the delivery services.

Delivery time for orders has increased.

Therefore, we offer you a purchase through the preorder with a 50% discount.

Use a discount code PREORDER50 for 50% discount at checkout

For orders with a PREORDER50 status, the delivery time can reach from 60 to 90 days.

Now you can use this discount code PREORDER50 with a 50% discount .

We will inform you the tracking code after shipment by email.

If you have any questions pleace contact us


COVID-19 Notice

- Recently, in connection with the coronavirus, delays have occurred in the delivery of orders to our customers. Our customers are worried about their orders that are delayed in delivery.

- We want to remove the worry of our customers. We want to assure our customers that even if the orders already sent do not reach our customers, we will resend the orders at our expense. Thus, we guarantee that every order will be completed.

- To compensate for the inconvenience of our customers due to the delay in delivery due to COVID-19 we want to offer a gift to our customers in the form of a 50% discount for your next order.

Contact us and we will provide you with a 50% discount code

Thank you for your understanding