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Kolovrat - Solstice + Leather necklace with raven heads at the ends ( 6 mm cord).


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Pendant made of bronze. 100 % HANDMADE! Top grade.

Pendant - KOLOVRAT - Perfect quality.
- Size: 1.44" (3.6cm) x 0.16" (0.4cm) x 1.20" (3.0 cm).
- Weight 1.05 oz. (15 g.).

Leather Cord:
- Braided. Diameter 6 mm.
- Accessories - Handmade Bronze.

- Sizes: 17,7" (45 cm.), 19.7" (50 cm.), 21.6" (55 cm.), 23.6" (60 cm.).
- Color: BLACK, BROWN.

Kolovrat or solstice - one of the oldest ancient characters , symbolizing the sun. The symbol looks like a circle with a curved beams. Kolovrat represents nothing else than Jari - sun, without which all life on Earth. No wonder this symbol embroidered on military banners terrify the enemy tribes and brought them to flee. No one and nothing could resist the power of ancient warriors under the sign of Sun.

Customer Reviews on Facebook

By Antonius Staghand: "Very nice detail and good weight! My only complaint is that they don't have longer chains, Barely fits over my head, Have to unscrew overtime. Minus that it's top quality will be purchasing more pendants later on for sure."

By Javier Olivares Sebastia: "Magnificent works of art made by hand. Traditional forms and symbols of the Viking culture made with vintage metals, bronze and many others A good gift and memory"

By Graeme Harrison: "Quality all the way! Amazed how good it is in real life!"

By Luis Miguel Cogolludo: "Trabaja bien, no defrauda, si se recomienda no te deja mal. Tiempo de respuesta muy bueno. Además dan número de seguimiento de los pedidos, para saber con certeza cuando llegara el pedido."

By Rainer Pries: "Geile Stücke, die ansprechen ! Mich besonders.....macht weiter so !!"

By Yves Roger Truchard: "A magnificent jewel, throughout you feel its power! It is an outstanding craftmansship and a fantastic handling of bronze! I love it!!!"

By Ulv Svart: "I'm really pleased to have jewelry from this brand. Takk."

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