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VALKYRIE : Powerful Guardian - Leather Necklace

$34.50 USD - $104.50 USD / On Sale

Pendant made of bronze. 100 % HANDMADE! Top grade.
Pendant " Valkyrie " size: 1.28" (3.2cm) x 0.96" (2.4cm) x 0.24" (0.6 см).

In Slavic , Norse mythology, the Valkyries - personalized characters honorable death in the war, warlike virgins, decisive for the outcome of the will of god Odin battles.
The bravest of the fallen soldiers, they carried off to Valhalla.
As a symbol of security used by the priests for the preservation of the Vedas. Powerful male guardian.
Needed for people whose occupations are associated with risk for life.