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Thor's Hammer MJOLNIR SKANE - Leather Necklace

$129.50 USD - $139.50 USD

Pendant made of bronze. 100 % HANDMADE! Top grade.

Pendant - MJOLNIR
- Size: 1.84" (4.6 cm) x 1.56" (3.9 cm) x 0.52" (1.3 cm).
- Weight 1.23 oz. (35 g.).

Leather Cord:
- Genuine Leather
- 6 Wire Handmade Braided
- Sizes select
- Ring thickness 0,16'' ( 4mm), diameter 1'' ( 2.5 cm).

Magnificent works of art made by hand. Traditional forms and symbols of the Viking culture made with vintage bronze. Very nice detail and good weight. Quality all the way! Amazed how good it is in real life!

- Each item is made and processed manually to provide the best value and experience of a top grade product
Handwork of a devoted craftsman makes every item an exclusive piece of delight with its own traits of individuality!